Directed by Paul Andrew Robinson

24 mins

“Daniel needs to deliver to the 33rd floor of a tall office building. Yet, he only takes the elevator to the 26th floor, and climbs the remaining seven floors on foot. Why?”

Daniel is a dwarf bicycle courier living and working in Barcelona. One quite normal hot sunny day, a chance meeting and an act of kindness help Daniel take stock of everyday preconceptions.

FANATIC (2009) - narrative short

FANATIC originated in my final year at LFS and subsequently became first project out of film school. 
Loving "Almodovar" at the time, I thought "wouldn't it be cool to shoot it in Spanish and why not shoot in Barcelona!". I waited over a decade to direct again. Originally intended as a Cinematography showreel piece, the film went on to Screen at Warsaw, Austin, Molodist, Bogota, Oldenberg, Nashville, Interfilm Berlin & Rushes Soho Shorts in 2009/10.

Winning "Best Short Film" at 2009 Milano International Film Festival, "Best Cinematography" at 2010 BornShorts Denmark, and won "Best Northern Film" at Manchester European Short Film Festival.

FANATIC was a finalist at 210 Fuji Short Film Awards and appeared in Fuji's "Exposure" Magazine "From The Ground Up".